Big Data Small Business

Big data is big business, because it enables big businesses to better understand their customers and their processes, but what about small businesses how can the benefit. This infographic may provide some insight:

Big Data for small business
University of Alabama at Birmingham Online

Stakeholder Analysis

This is an excellent video describing an outline of how to undertake a stakeholder analysis. Stakeholder analysis can represent the difference between project success and failure, because a project's success is based on the perception of it's … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Blame for Botched Projects

Bourne Legacy

  Getting the blame for a failing project. Take heart it is only political strategy at work. I was watching the Bourne Legacy which is about the CIA who are pursuing agent Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner. The story is that he has been part … [Continue reading]

Stakeholder Management

stakeholer management

We share our project templates to enable project managers to engage in stakeholder management by identifying, ranking and prioritising project or programme stakeholders. We tend to think of stakeholder management as an on going activity, i.e regular … [Continue reading]

Choose to Fail


  Another public sector  IT project failure, with this time £356m wasted at a time when the NHS is strapped for cash in so many areas. Choose and Book the NHS electronic booking system for outpatients is to be scrapped, despite the NHS … [Continue reading]

5 Signs Your Project is Doomed

Parrot Sketch

Client,  "Never mind that, my lad. I wish to complain about this project what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique". Project Manager,  "Oh yes, the, uh, the Norwegian Blue...What's,uh...What's wrong with it?" Client,"I'll … [Continue reading]

Project Management 70 Year Anniversary

To celebrate Tommy's remarkable achievements, a life size bronze portrait bust of him has been unveiled at BT’s Adastral Park centre near Ipswich

Seventy years ago the first ever IT project was underway. There had been prototyping prior to Christmas which had proved the value of the project, and the decision to commence the first phase was made in January 1944. At the end of March the team of … [Continue reading]

The Mythical Man Month


Adding more resource to your project will make it go faster. Won't it? It seems logical your project is behind time, it has to hit that deadline, so the answer is? Well it is not always the best idea to just add more resource. In fact it can be … [Continue reading]

Projects Fail Because Project Managers are Doing the Wrong Project

benefit management

Too many project managers are not very good, but too many good project managers end up taking the wrap for a failing project which is clearly outside their control. How does this come about, and how could some benefit management help the … [Continue reading]

Project Watch: Red Lines

Library of Birmingham

  Project Watch: The Government is calling time on the IT companies that have fleeced them for too long. Red lines have been drawn, but will this control their behaviour? The civil servant in charge of government procurement Bill Cruthers … [Continue reading]